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Take equal parts of comic book, action movie, and video game. Add one Wesley Snipes, properly chilled. Then dice several vampires into small bits and add slowly. Spin the DVD for about two hours, and you wind up with Blade, another in a long string of comic-book heroes to reach the silver screen. Snipes stars as the eponymous vampire hunter, along with Kris Kristofferson as his crusty mentor and sidekick Whistler, and Stephen Dorff as Frost, an upstart vampire who plans to control the world by summoning the "Blood God." Sound too much like Dungeons and Dragons for your tastes? It does to me too, but the plot in Blade moves quickly, and the action sequences are a lot of fun. Good picture and 5.1, extensive video supplements on the making of Blade and vampire lore, trailer, textual supplements.

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