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Big Night

Directed by Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott (from a screenplay by Tucci and Joseph Tropiano), Big Night is a small, charming movie about two Italian brothers and their dream of owning a successful restaurant. Younger brother Segundo (Tucci), who manages the finances of The Paradise, is threatened with foreclosure, but elder sibling and chef Primo (Tony Shaloub) refuses to compromise the menu in the hopes of attracting new customers. However, fellow restaurateur Pascal (Ian Holm) tells them that his good friend Loius Prima will be visiting The Paradise, and the two brothers throw a lavish feast in a last-ditch attempt to remain in America. Some viewers will find Big Night to move at a slow pace, but as a character-driven piece it is excellent, and even though some plot elements are introduced and then forgotten (while others are never resolved), like any good dinner party, the fun of Big Night is meeting interesting people and enjoying their company. Also starring Minnie Driver, Isabella Rossellini, and co-director Scott, who turns in a hilarious performance as a smarmy Cadillac salesman. Dolby 2.0, trailer.

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