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Being John Malkovich: Special Edition

Unemployed puppeteer Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) takes a job at a generic company, where he accidentally discovers a door that is a portal to the head of actor John Malkovich (playing himself). After telling co-worker Maxine (Catherine Keener) about the portal, she offers to go into business with him, selling 15 minute trips into Malkovich's head. But Craig's wife Lottie (Cameron Diaz) finds out about the portal, causing her to doubt very fundamental aspects about herself and her existence. Meanwhile, Malkovich finds out about Craig and Maxine's exploitation of his cranium, he demands that they put a stop to their abuse of his psyche. Easier said than done — it seems that there's more to the portal than originally thought. Director Spike Jonze's 1999 Being John Malkovich is one of the most original and creative films of the past decade, bolstered by an unpredictable script (written by Charlie Kaufman) and solid performances from the cast, in particular Malkovich, who exaggerates his public persona for comic purposes — something few dramatic actors would be willing to do. USA Home Entertainment's special edition of Being John Malkovich features an anamorphic widescreen transfer (1.85:1) that is very clean and sharp, and audio in either DD 5.1 or Dolby Surround 2.0. Extras include two shorts from the film ("7 1/2 Floor Orientation" and Malkovich's hilarious "Dance of Despair and Disillusionment"); a look behind the scenes at a puppet show; a bizarre interview with Jonze (putting it mildly); an amusing interview with one of the film's extras; a trailer and four TV spots; a photo album; and cast and crew notes.
—Steven Firstenburg

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