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Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Vol. 4

It could be described as Maya Deren meets McDonalds. It could be described as the greatest collection of non sequitur humor ever devised for television. It could also be described as utter stoner nonsense. One way or the other, the (now) sporadically amusing Aqua Teen Hunger Force has devolved after four seasons into 11 minutes of occasionally amusing bits of cartoon revelry qua spinning plates. Based on the Spock-Kirk-McCoy structure of Superego-Ego-Pile of Meat, the trusty heroes are Frylock, the flying biggie-sized brains behind the outfit, Master Shake, the egomaniacal torturer of his colleges, and Meatwad, the mostly childlike meat by-product. The credits pronounce them superheroes, but their actions mostly revolve around sitting around (they point out as much in the episode "Robositter" when it's noted they haven't solved any mysteries in three years) and annoying their white-trash neighbor Carl. Changed up for this season is the absence of show openers Dr. Weird and his beleaguered assistant Steve, replaced by a season-long battle between the Mooninites Ignignokt and Err (the Atari-based space invaders) and Plutonians Oglethorpe and Emery entitled "Spacecataz," in which the two groups mercilessly try to out-prank each other. The season offers some definite highlights, with "Gee Whiz" featuring an industrial video suggesting it's okay to shotgun a nun's head off as long as a rainbow comes out of the wound, while "E Dork" has Carl and Shake engaging in antiquated Internet technology that leaves both immobilized. There are some recurring characters from the other seasons: "Little Brittle" offers the return of MC Pee Pants as a geriatric man wishing to be a vampire, while the Moononities show up in Both "Mooninites 3: Remoooned" and "Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning," and cameos abound with Sarah Silverman providing the voice of the titular Robositter, and Kids in the Hall's Scott Thomson providing the voice of the even more titular "Dusty Gazongas." Warner Brothers presents Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Season Four over two platters in full-frame transfers (1.33:1) and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, with both discs featuring a "play all" feature that's a bit too literal. On Disc One are the first seven episodes, with four of the episodes featuring commentary, and at least one Easter egg. Disc Two features the final six episodes with three feature commentaries. The majority of supplements are on the second disc, kicking off with a collection of promo spots called "Funny Pete Stuff" (7 min.), followed by Comic-con promo "San Diego Must Be Destryed" (3 min.), and the full run of "Spacecataz"(10 min.). "Raydon" (12 min.) is a homemade movie about a house possession, while "F-Art" (12 min.) is a compilation of fan art. But the most interesting supplement is "The Faces in Front of the Throats that Make the Voices that Speak into the Microphone," (21 min.), which offers footage of the voice talent recording their dialogue, while "Send Us Money for This" (1 min.) is a promo for the upcoming ATHF movie, and numerous Easter eggs. Dual-DVD digipak with paperboard slipcase.

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