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You may have bought a DVD player because you thought the new technology would make your movie-watching habits more manageable. But after playing with DVD International's Aquaria disc, we also discovered that your DVD player can stick a virtual fish-tank in your living room (or on your computer) without all of the fuss and bother of actually maintaining one of the damn things. And you don't just get one fish tank, you get five — "Classic," "Natural," "Coral Reef," "Exotic," and "Freshwater," all with numerous fish, fauna, coral, and rocks. Audio choices are also on board, with music soundtracks and water sounds. Set it and forget it, or grab your remote and dig through additional options, including close-up sequences and "fishographies" of the many denizens of the deep, with both common and scientific names and additional information on compatibility, diet, and maintenance. Good video transfer (from a Digital Betacam source), DD 5.1, and anamorphic widescreen, letterbox, and full-frame aspect ratios. All told, this DVD-18 (the first ever released) packs in 15 hours of unique content, and while it's not for everybody, if you like fish, you'll probably like this one.

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