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Alien Resurrection

Ellen Ripley is a hard woman to kill — and if Alien Resurrection is anything to go by, that's kind of a shame. Two hundred years after Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) died at the end of Alien3, members of the military clone her and the Alien Queen inside of her so that they can put the slimy-gummed brutes to work for them (haven't we heard this before?). Of course, things don't work out as planned, and after the military wonks are eviscerated or abandon the ship, only Ripley and a band of smugglers are left on board. From there, Alien Resurrection is a joyless ride in a funhouse that's worn out its welcome mat. Tired horror-film clichés are piled on top of wooden dialogue as the rag-tag cast goes alien-hunting, and even a plot-twist involving Wynona Ryder's character has been pulled from the recycling bin. A clever underwater sequence manages to create some real suspense, but for a film that runs nearly two hours, it's only a brief bit of nail-biting. Alien Resurrection might be a movie to spin if your bored — but unfortunately, it may offer little relief. Also starring Ron Perlman and Dan Hedaya. Good transfer, DD 5.1 or Dolby 2.0, featurette, teaser trailers for all four Alien films.

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