DATELINE -- Friday, 20 August 1999

"Tarzan" will swing: After the welcome news that Disney will release nine animated classics on DVD by the end of the year, DVD Insider is now reporting that Tarzan will be the next disc from The Mouse, arriving probably sometime early next year. Upon announcing their first wave of animated DVD titles earlier this week, Disney noted that their future animated films would arrive on disc day-and-date with VHS releases, making this summer's Tarzan the first viable candidate for a dual street-date. However, even though Disney has warmed to digital video, their well-known habit of releasing popular titles for a limited time and then placing them on moratorium hasn't changed, and since several of Tuesday's announced Disney titles will disappear in early 2000, we have no idea if the upcoming Tarzan will swing from a short vine or a long one.

(Editor's note: Since this story was first published, Disney has announced that their Tarzan DVD will arrive on Feb. 1, with a 16x9-enhanced Tarzan: Collector's Edition to arrive on April 18. No moratorium for either edition is expected at this time.)

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