DATELINE -- Tuesday, 28 September 1999

boxcoverWhere is Charles Foster Kane?: While the staff was cracking open a few beers last night and debating if we should watch The Matrix for the 17th time, we received this letter:

  • The movie Citizen Kane I saw listed under MIA is available here in Brazil. And much to everybody's surprise is NOT region coded (it is region 0). The digital transfer is OK. It has the original English audiotrack as well as a Portuguese "dubbed" version and subtitles are available in English and in Portuguese. And all disks available in Brazil are NTSC, most video equipment here is "dual color system" - PAL/NTSC - so DVDs are all NTSC.

    -- Ernesto

    Thankfully, every member of the DVD Journal staff is proficient in Portuguese since we all grew up in South America before being kicked out for excessive obnoxiousness. So we dropped by Ernesto's favorite Brazilian DVD retail website to check out the goods. And there it was -- Ciudado Kane, released last June, and the boxcover sports an unmistakable DVD Video logo. It exists, it's for sale, it has a Dolby Digital soundtrack in English, and it is listed as a Region 0 release. But that's all we're going to tell you....

    Okay, quit whining you bastards. Click here -- but good luck navigating the site, and you'll have to figure out the exchange rates for yourself.

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